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Acharya Shama came as a blessing in my life when I needed the positivity in my life through Kathak. She is all about passion for dance and spreading the joy of the art form. Learning Kathak has taught me humility, discipline and made me more grounded. Acharya is very supportive, encouraging and most of all very patient with her students. She goes above and beyond to accommodate classes as per your request (due to me being in healthcare) during these very testing times which is a very rare quality you can find in a teacher. Acharya Shama is a very gentle soul, and has become a very dear friend during my journey with her. If you are looking for a dance school which is all about passion but not at all commercial then SKDA is the one for you.

  • Dr. Sushma Nedunuri, USA

My daughter and I have been learning Kathak with Acarya Shama for about 1.5 years. Acharya Shama is very talented, creative, kind and always smiling. She really cares about all the students and goes above and beyond to provide the support. We enjoy each moment of the dance class and the practice. We are so blessed to have an opportunity to learn from such a fantastic guru. Both my daughter and I are looking forward to many more years of learning from her. Thank you so much Acharya.

  • Hiral Bhupendra Shah, USA  

Acharya Shama is a very graceful kathakar and a great teacher. She is very patient and gives personal attention to each student. Her classes are very detailed. She understands her student's weaknesses and works through them to empower and encourage. She is very polite and makes it fun to learn this intricate form of dance. I am very happy to find her as my Guru.

  • Priyanka Rajput, USA

I am in the youngest Kathak batch, and I have been doing kathak for about a year. Acharya Shama is a great teacher, and I feel like I'm in my own little world, having fun, and learning. She has her own way of teaching, and the way she explains it makes the most complicated things seem easy. I just had my first exam, and it wasn't THAT bad! You DO have to know your stuff, but as long as you keep practicing you'll do good. Awesome class, and I really do have fun learning this classical dance form.

  • Shravya Misra, USA

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