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Kathak isKathak is one of the most prominent ancient Indian classical dance forms. It is characterized by intricate footwork, graceful and rhythmic patterns of pirouettes, hand gestures, facial expressions, and body alignment, wherein the dancer articulate by controlling around hundreds of ankle bells.

With an experience of learning, performing for more than three decades and teaching for more than a decade, Samarpan Kathak Dance Academy (SKDA) was established by Acharya Shama in the year 2018, currently located in Pennsylvania, USA.

SKDA tries its best to carry forward the legacy of Kathak gharanas and Gurus to promote the diversification of this Indian art culture to its aspiring International students, with a purpose to fulfill the dream to learn and perform; and to explore their creativity.


About Allsama BK (Acharya Shama)...

Allsama BK, lovingly and widely known as Acharya Shama in the world of art, originally from India, is from Indian classical music genre. She specializes in Kathak and is an established Kathak classical exponent, concept choreographer, performer and teacher. 


She has an unique and blessed combination of both Jaipur and Lucknow Gharana form of Kathak dance and has a firm academic foundation in both forms. She started her Kathak journey at the tender age of 3 from her then Guru Late Pt. Kishan Lal Maharaj ji (Jaipur Gharana). She completed her qualifications in Jaipur gharana during her first part of her journey. After the unfortunate demise of her Guru, she completed her academic qualification as an engineer in Food Science and Technology from reputed Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab and MBA in International Buss. from Symbiosis, Pune. She established herself to a respectable position in food industry, and worked under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. She, alongside had continued her journey and passion for Kathak by teaching to students, even in her busy schedules. Later in her journey, she became a follower and disciple of Kathak Guru Pradipto Chakrobarty (Lucknow Gharana), a disciple of Pt. Jai Kishan Maharaj ji, son of Padma Vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj ji.

She always believed that she was born as an Kathak artist by her Late Guru Kishan Lal Maharaj ji but was brought up as Kathak dancer by Guru Pradipto ji.


During her early years, she gave multiple performances as a graded child artist in Doordarshan (public service broadcaster by Govt. of India) – Indian classical and folk dances. She has performed at various prestigious Indian dance festivals organized by reputed platforms in India, has brilliantly performed solo and group dances on various major stage performances. She has held kathak workshops in India and in USA and has choreographed various dance styles: kathak, folk and fusion.

Allsama BK (Acharya Shama) is currently residing in Pennsylvania, USA. She is a proud founder of ‘Samarpan Kathak Dance Academy’ in USA. Her students have performed and bagged appreciation in various reputed Indian art platforms in USA.

Work beyond:

Her current work aligns with the purpose to spread the knowledge of India’s ancient classical dance form and allowing the dancers to explore their inner self.

In a motive to uplift and spread the art of Kathak outside India, some of her visionary plans are to conduct specially curated workshops for specific age groups, to impact her students and their associates through her books written specially to inspire work on Kathak. She also has worked closely with her current Guru Pradiptoji and have launched Falgun Mahotsav, a mega online festival, in early 2021, to connect the vast experience and learnings of already established Kathak and Bharatnatyam exponents and the current learner and lovers of this art in USA. The project was a huge success and received many appreciations. She is now working on spreading her vision which aligns with the passion of art lovers.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to learn about her upcoming works and projects.

"A Kathak artist delve into the expressional and story-telling element of the dance form, enabling him/her with a greater depth and mystery to their inner emotional life, which beautifully can support a more dramatic, moving expression in the performance."
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