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Nothing   is   more   revealing​  ​​ than   Getting   Lost   and   Finding   Yourself !!

Founded in 2018, in Pennsylvania (USA), Samarpan Kathak Dance Academy (SKDA) tries its best to carry forward the legacy of Kathak gharanas and promote Indian art culture to its aspiring International students, with a purpose to fulfill the dream to learn, enjoy, take pride and to spread awareness associated with it.

  • SKDA conducts dance classes for Kathak, one of the major and well-known classical dance styles of India.
  • Affiliated Certified examinations are held annually for Kathak.
Falgun Mahotsav 2021-Episode 2
One aspect of Kathak-The Sanchari bhav
Interview- Acharya Shama (Allsama BK)


“To spread knowledge of India’s ancient classical dance form to the current generations, and allowing them

to explore their inner self.”


“Art has NO Religion, Age or Gender.

Art is Raising the Abiding love with Gratitude!" 

~ Acharya Shama (Allsama BK)

About Acharya Shama

Acharya Shama (Allsama BK), lovingly called as Acharya by her students is a passionate and dedicated dancer and teacher, with a vision to create enlightenment through her art.

Creating a positive flow...

Acharya Shama came as a blessing in my life when I needed the positivity in my life through Kathak. She is all about passion for dance and spreading the joy of the art form. Learning Kathak has taught me humility, discipline and made me more grounded..

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Contact details:

Samarpan Kathak Dance Academy

Classes are conducted both on weekdays and weekends.

Reach out to us for class timings and slot availabilities:

Guru Acharya Shama

Location: Pennsylvania, USA


Tel: +1-484-995-5202

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